Dental implants

Nowadays, implants are the best “replacement” for a missing tooth that we can offer our patients. It’s a restoration that often allows us to resign from annoying dentures or grinding healthy teeth to prepare them for prosthetic bridges.

In the case of missing teeth, even single ones, numerous changes occur in the occlusion and in the surrounding soft and hard tissues. Bone loss, also in adjacent teeth, aesthetic and functional gum defects, displacement of the surrounding and opposing teeth, changes in the temporomandibular joints are some of the most important negative effects of missing teeth.

In our clinic, we offer you a modern implant system by Premium Dentsply Astra EV, a brand that has been on the market for many years and has proven its excellence in numerous scientific reports from all over the world.

To prove it, the manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee for the implant itself and prosthetic components in the form of Atlantis titanium individual abutments. Both are covered by a quality and warranty certificate.

There’s more to the offer than just the implant. The implantation procedure is performed by an experienced maxillofacial surgeon and dentist Artur Poleniewicz, who has many years of experience in the field of operative dentistry.

Treatments are planned based on radiological examination using 3D Carestream Kodak computed tomography that we use in our ActivDent clinic.

The implantation procedure is a carefully planned and painless process that involves inserting a titanium implant, which is the equivalent of a tooth root. On such a foundation, in the next stage, we rebuild single missing teeth with porcelain crowns.

In case of numerous missing teeth, we offer a range of implant-based prosthetic solutions adjusted to the client’s possibilities and needs to ensure the final desired effect, that is a wide and healthy smile.

All treatments are thoroughly reviewed and planned in advance during consultation appointments.

Computer navigation programs used in our clinic also help in flawless implant insertion. You are welcome to ask questions until all concerns are addressed.

We always discuss various solutions, so that our patients feel safe and co-create the final therapeutic effect, which is a significant guarantee of success.

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Are you wondering why you should choose ActivDent for your implants?

The answer is:
We are specialists in this field and we will not learn how to insert implants on you

  • We have many years of experience in implantology
  • We use world class, state-of-the-art equipment
  • We use premium implants with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • Each treatment is meticulously planned and discussed in advance
  • Treatments are performed in a nice atmosphere
  • Each treatment involves well thought-out and planned movements ensuring minimal traumatisation of the tissues – therefore healing is fast and number of complications reduced to a minimum

Last but not least, we need to answer the most important and common question:

“Yes, it won’t hurt.”

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