Dental prosthetics is a wide branch of dentistry that deals with replacement of missing teeth, reconstruction of lost tooth tissue as a result of decay or injury, and occlusal rehabilitation.

In our Clinic, we offer you a wide range of prosthetic services, ranging from removable through permanent restorations to the most advanced implant-based reconstructions.


Permanent restorations

Porcelain crown – is the most common form of tissue reconstruction of a single tooth. It can be made on a metal or zirconium foundation or be all-ceramic. It can be performed on teeth and implants.

Temporary restorations

When deciding on a prosthetic work in ActivDent you will always receive a temporary work on ground teeth. You will never leave our clinic without a temporary security.


It is a highly aesthetic and minimally invasive restoration for a single tooth. It is an all-ceramic work without any foundation, which we bond permanently to the veneer/exterior surface of the tooth. Often, it does not require any prior tooth preparation in the form of hard tissue grinding.

Inlay, onlay, overlay

These are difficult names for an all-ceramic restoration in the form of a crown inlay. Basically, these works are the highest standard of replacing missing hard tissues of the tooth in the lateral/rear area.



is a restoration based on a minimum of two teeth adjacent to a missing tooth. It can be made on both metal and zirconium substructure. It can be performed both on teeth and implants. It is important to note that we do not connect such works by resting one side on the tooth and the other on the implant.

Removable restorations

– complete dentures
– partial dentures
– skeletal dentures
– snap-on dentures
– implant-supported dentures


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