Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment

In over 90% of cases, root canal therapy is the result of untreated and/or improperly treated neglected cavities. Another cause is dental trauma.

This treatment consists of removing the affected pulp from the tooth canals (commonly referred to by patients as the nerve). Next, the canals are prepared and filled up to the very top of the root. All is done using specialised equipment – electronic measurement of the canals’ length, thermal filling of canals, a treatment microscope or Ni-Ti files, which reach the narrowest and most curved canals.

Improperly treated canals cause the spread of the inflammatory process from the centre of the tooth behind its apex to the surrounding bone and further to the soft tissues. This situation often happens without any symptoms, which doesn’t mean that all is fine. Therefore, we always offer X-ray diagnostics in order to exclude inflammatory processes which are a frequent cause of serious diseases.

Are you wondering why you should decide on treatment in ActivDent?

  • Although root canal treatment can be performed by any dentist, we have over a dozen years of experience working with the Zeiss Opmi Pico treatment microscope
  • Thousands of successfully treated difficult endodontic cases
  • Countless broken tools removed from the canal lumen, that qualify the tooth for removal if they are left inside
  • Root canal treatment procedures are performed under magnification, after isolating the treated area with a dental dam
  • Artur Poleniewicz, DMD is one of few doctors in Poland who are members of a narrow circle of PSSM – the Polish Society of Microscopic Dentistry
  • Our motto is that there are no obstructed canals, only impatient patients and doctors
  • Guaranteed tight filling of the canals
  • In addition to our patience, we are equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices to provide you with the highest quality treatment
  • We don’t routinely replace teeth with implants when we see a chance for root canal therapy to be effective. A well treated tooth is always better than an implant

“You can’t do a proper root canal treatment if you can’t see what’s in the canals”

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